Redmiles Services Inc.

-Stump Removal
-Tree Removal
-Tree Pruning
-Tree Mitigation (Lighting Systems, Bracing, etc.)
-Emergency Services
-Crane Service
-Tree Fertilization
-Diagnosis of Failing Tree and Prognosis Most Likely
-Risk Assessment
-Authorized STIHL Distrubutor
-Chainsaw Service & Repair
Call Now : 410-489-4455
Call Now : 410-489-4455
we currently sell, but are not limited to:
 -Chainsaws (gas & electric)
 -Trimmers w/ quick links
 -Forestry brush cutters & Clearing saws
 -Wet Dry Vacuum w/ shredder
 -Handheld blowers
 -Backpack blowers
 -Pole prunners
 -Hedge trimmers
 -Augers & Aerators
 -Cut offs
 -Parts and Accessories
We offer the following services: